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"Collaboration" is a pioneering program initiated by Post 22, aimed at cultivating strong and inclusive partnerships with local companies. Through this unique initiative, we strive to foster a robust and collaborative relationship that aligns with our core mission of training and employment for intellectually disabled adults. By working hand in hand with these companies, we endeavor to create a supportive and inclusive environment that empowers our program participants to thrive in the workforce. "Collaboration" represents our commitment to building bridges between our organization and the local business community, ensuring that individuals with intellectual disabilities find meaningful and fulfilling employment opportunities, driving forward the spirit of inclusion."


Job Mapping

"Job Mapping" is an innovative program designed to match employment needs and opportunities perfectly. Through this unique initiative, we create a specialized curriculum tailored to the unique abilities and aspirations of each adult participant. Our mission is to foster a diverse range of employment opportunities across various modalities within the desired platform. We are dedicated to enabling both individual and group supported employment, ensuring that every participant finds the ideal work environment that suits their strengths and goals. With "Job Mapping," we aim to empower adults with intellectual disabilities to achieve fulfilling and successful careers, promoting a truly inclusive workforce."


Training Support

"Training Support" is a dynamic program that offers comprehensive on-the-job training (OJT) combined with standard operating procedures (SOPs) and dedicated Job Coaches. This unique approach allows us to create a structured and effective pathway for developing essential skills and behaviors crucial for successful employment. Through our internal learning lab within the community day program, participants gain hands-on experience and personalized guidance to prepare them for the workforce. "Training Support" empowers individuals with intellectual disabilities to build confidence, proficiency, and independence, ensuring they are fully equipped to thrive in their chosen careers."


Employment Opportunity

Post 22 is dedicated to facilitating successful integration into the workforce for young adults with Autism & Intellectual Disabilities in our community. Our primary goal is to help them build not just a job but a fulfilling and sustainable career. Through this initiative, we strive to provide experiences in the workplace that mirror those of other employees, allowing participants to gain practical skills, confidence, and independence. Our focus on meaningful interactions with non-disabled employees and customers fosters a culture of inclusion, where everyone feels valued and embraced. We are committed to empowering these individuals to unlock their full potential and contribute meaningfully to the workforce, promoting a diverse and inclusive work environment for all.

Community-Based Day Support

Post – 22’s Community-Based Day Supports (CBDS) is designed to provide meaningful day experiences through offering an array of skill building, enrichment, and inclusive opportunities in a variety of integrated community settings based on individual preferences and needs as identified in their person-centered Individual Support Plan.


Activities are carefully planned and robustly promotes full integration and inclusion of individuals with disabilities through positive community contributions and relationship development.

Post 22 includes employment related and non-employment related activities, including volunteering, job exploration, civic groups and participation, personal enrichment (e.g., art, music), health and wellness, and skill development opportunities in areas such as money management, transportation, self-advocacy, soft skills, and job-seeking. These activities serve as foundational experiences in the discovery of interests and the development of skills that support them on a pathway to employment, such as through volunteer work, community service, or internships.

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